Homework for the Journey

From time to time, we all need to externalize and write out what it is we are going through, longing for, or have already overcome. Feel free to browse through our collection of resources brought to you by the best minds here, and out in the world.

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      Self-Destructive Behaviors

      This worksheet assists with bringing awareness to self destructive behaviors and exploring their emotional impact on you.

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      Living "As if"

      This activity teaches individuals to use the strength of an action or behavior to assist with influencing thoughts and feelings.

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      ARC Statements

      This document is designed to assist with teaching how to use ARC statements during conflict and disagreements.

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      Consultation Questions

      This worksheet will help you determine some of the questions you can ask during a consultation call.

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      Fair Fighting Rules

      This worksheet assists with helping couples implement healthier communication techniques in order to foster compromise and resolution.

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      Basics of Gender Pronouns

      This documents lists and discusses the basics of gender pronouns.

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      How to Start Meditating

      This guide provides suggestions and ideas to assist with starting one's meditation journey.

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      Mindful Awareness

      This documents provides ways to incorporate awareness and reflection into your daily routine.

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      Mindful Walking

      This activity teaches ways to be more mindful, specifically when walking. This approach can be applied to any experience you choose, from the most mundane to the most sublime.

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