Homework for the Journey

From time to time, we all need to externalize and write out what it is we are going through, longing for, or have already overcome. Feel free to browse through our collection of resources

    • Worksheets

      Imago Dialogue: The Sender

      The Imago Dialogue provides couples with the skills they need for great communication.

    • Going Inside To Identify Parts

      Using an Internal Family Systems lens, this meditation guides you to shift your energy internally for a few minutes. 

    • Get To Know A Part

      This meditation may help you get to know a part that you want to help or change your relationship with. 

    • Worksheets

      IFS: All Parts Are Welcome

      Jumping off of the previous IFS worksheets exploring parts, here is an exercise to help you welcome all of your parts.

    • Dream Career

      Write about your dream for your career. Be as specific as possible and leave no detail behind. 

    • Brain Dump Writing Prompt

      Brain Dumps help us work through areas of our lives where we feel stuck. A brain dump can be done when you have circular thought patterns, want to understand a character trait, or hope to build a better relationship with someone.

    • Addiction Urge Surfing

      Urge surfing is a technique for managing your unwanted behaviors. This technique can be used to stop or reduce drug and alcohol use, emotional reactions such as “blowing up” when angry, gambling, and other unwanted behaviors.

    • Worksheets

      Addiction Coping Skills

      Learning coping skills to manage addiction could be helpful for taming urges, harm reduction, and even into recovery.

    • Gottman 8 Dates: Date 3

      John & Julie Gottman use 8 dates that lead you through the essential conversations. These will give you the best chance at a fulfilling and connected relationship.

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