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The depths of the human experience is endless. Here on our blog, our therapists explore and share their ideas around psychotherapy and what it means to be a human.

  • Psychological safety

    Pamela Giambona, Ph.D August 15, 2022

    As individuals, we strive for success and excellence. We strive for success in our relationships, both at home and at work. Psychological safety can help us achieve that excellence. But what does the buzzword “psychological safety” mean?

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  • Hot take: Productivity culture is the new diet culture

    Andrea Brunetti August 3, 2022

    The problem isn’t with striving — it’s craving productivity and finding fulfillment through achievement alone.

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  • Does everybody need therapy?

    Karen Veintimilla, LMHC August 1, 2022

    With all this growth around us, the question arises: does everyone need therapy?

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  • Why is “god” so triggering?

    Karen Veintimilla, LMHC July 24, 2022

    No matter what you personally believe, it’s worth trying to unpack all the mental weight behind discussions of divinity.

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  • Trauma as Reaction

    Danielle Russo, LMHC July 9, 2022

    “Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” ― Ian MacLaren (Rev. John Watson)

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  • An Argument for Summer Flings

    Humantold July 8, 2022

    If winter is cuffing season, summer should be considered fling season.

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  • Why Aging Stresses us Out

    Tori Williams, LMHC July 7, 2022

    Is it really true that only wine and cheese get better with age? Why does aging stress us out?

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  • How to Tell Someone to Go to Therapy

    Karen Veintimilla, LMHC June 27, 2022

    For the burdened among us, let’s explore how to tell our loved ones that they need to go to therapy (nicely, of course).

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  • Failure is Your Friend

    Janay Bailey, LMHC June 25, 2022

    When we fail at something, why don’t we see it as getting one step closer to where we truly need to be?

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  • What Gaslighting Is, What It Is Not

    Humantold June 24, 2022

    So what does gaslighting mean? And, more importantly, what does it—and does it not—look like?

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