Reflections From Our Therapists

The depths of the human experience is endless. Here on our blog, our therapists explore and share their ideas around psychotherapy and what it means to be a human.

  • The New Masculinity

    Humantold June 9, 2021

    Over the last several years, ideas about "manliness" have been evolving. Modern masculinity is expansive. It allows for men to be open, experience emotional equality and health, and be in touch with their inner lives while becoming attuned to the world around them.

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  • Why The Pandemic Broke So Many Couples

    Tori Williams June 8, 2021

    Humantold therapist Tori Williams sat down with Essence Magazine to discuss why some relationships didn’t make it through the pandemic.

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  • Pride Month Isn’t Canceled: Reframing Inclusion During a Pandemic

    Michele M. Ulerio, MA, LMHC June 1, 2021

    Pride Month isn't just about parades. It's about self-acceptance, owning who you are, and finding solace in a community

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  • Mental Health & The Military

    Kristjana McCarthy, Mental Health Counselor May 27, 2021

    As we celebrate Military Appreciation Month, I encourage service members to honestly and non-judgmentally reflect on their mental health needs.

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  • How Culture Affects Therapy

    Cheryl Lim, LMHC-LP May 19, 2021

    Culture, social-economic status, area of residence, and other aspects of our identities play into how (or even if) we seek help for our mental health. Here’s how your culture impacts your experience of therapy.

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  • I Heard You: An Open Letter On Finding A Therapist

    Dee Nicole, Intake Director May 14, 2021

    I want to tell you this journey of finding a therapist is personal, entirely about you, and our interest lies solely with helping you find what you seek.

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  • Motherhood: A Celebration of Childhood and the Absurd

    Christina Jeffrey, LMHC May 9, 2021

    The emotional life of motherhood is weird, equal parts intensity, love, ferocity, protection, patience, and an inexhaustible appreciation for the absurd. No one ever really prepares you for the absurdity of motherhood.

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  • How to Set Better Boundaries With Your Screens

    Humantold May 6, 2021

    Screens are an unavoidable and necessary aspect of modern life, but spending as much time on them as we do isn't the best thing for our health.  How we spend time on them may both align and misalign us from our values and our power to choose. Let's be screen wise.

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  • Why Being A Teacher Is Stressful

    Humantold May 4, 2021

    We have all been impacted by the pandemic in different ways. Teachers, however, have had a much different experience than the rest of us. Pre-pandemic, teacher shortages were at an all-time high, and stress is the number one reason people are leaving the profession. Here's why.

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  • Through The Lens: Psychology In Media, Part 2

    Jasmine Sundri, Licensed Mental Health Counselor April 28, 2021

    It has been quite a stressful year. While most of us have mostly been stuck inside, film and television have provided a source of relief for many. Here is part two of our psychological review of our favorite TV shows and movies that got us through the last year.

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