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Business Relationship

At Humantold, our people are our greatest assets and we believe we are not alone in this thinking!

As employers, we know how important it is to create ways for employees to understand and experience how valued they are.

We understand the unique demands of the New York City workforce. No matter the field of work, we have experienced staff equipped with tools to support your employees in navigating their own unique challenges.

From a no-cost introduction for your employees to a more concierge experience, we are here for you!


We offer: Therapy (individual, couples, child, family), Workshops, Psychiatry, Mental Health Assessments, and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Employers can participate in a few ways:


Distribution – Let your employees know about us!

    • We check out the benefits that you offer to your employees and let you know how much it would cost for them to attend therapy with us
    • We then create customizable flyers to distribute to your employees

FinancialContribute to your employees mental health care!

    • Once benefits are looked over and we share the cost per session with you, you may decide to contribute to the cost of the session
    • You can customize how you would like to contribute
      • Ex: You contribute a set amount towards their first intake session or offer continuous financial contribution for your employees to attend therapy


    • We offer free workshops that any of your employees can attend at no cost
    • We can create a flyer for you to distribute to your employees and a sign up link for them to continuously be informed about them
    • We can tailor a workshop for just your employees on any relevant topic to your workforce
      • Ex: How to manage burnout, How to cope with anxiety, 21 days of mindfulness, Discussing micro aggressions & internalized isms

Team building initiatives– Intimate directed experiences with key employees or groups of employees

    • Incident debriefing
    • Mediation
    • Conflict resolution

Contribution options for Workshops and Initiatives:

    • Sponsor the events for your employees (cost varies depending on the workshop request)
    • Employees would pay a small fee to participate (usually $15-20/workshop)

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