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To understand how we got here, it’s important to know where we came from. Humantold Management is what happens when three people with very different, unique skillsets join together to collaborate and build for the greater good.

In 2005 Peter Douglas founded Douglas Psychotherapy Services; in 2018 both Rachel Landman and Christina Jeffrey came onboard. Over the next few years, under the care and administration of Rachel, Christina, and Peter, DPS continued to grow. Then came 2020. The world as we all knew it stopped, allowing us to reflect, grieve, germinate, and to a degree, recuperate. It was during this time that Peter proposed a name change. He believed we had grown beyond one person’s name; that our practice was no longer just DPS, but something more. So together, with excellent marketing and branding folks, we set out to establish and bring to the world, Humantold Psychotherapy. Since then, we’ve just kept going, continuing to look for ways to expand and grow, and meet the needs of our community here in New York City, and the world at large.

In 2022, we expanded yet again to become Humantold Management. Under this umbrella, we can provide even more options for high quality mental health and wellness care. That is why we are here: to bring some good to the world, to shine some light in the dark, to sprinkle some joy and sometimes cause a ruckus to the status quo.

We are Humantold Management, and on behalf of Rachel, Peter, Christina, and the entire Humantold Management team, we are glad you’re here.

  • Christina Jeffrey Headshot

    Christina Jeffrey


    /kris-tee-nuh jef-free/

    Managing Partner, Chief Reputation Officer, LMHC, EMDR

    I believe everyone can have a resurrection story; it is an honor to be a part of yours.

  • Rachel-Landman-Headshot

    Rachel Landman


    /reh-ih-chuhl lan-dmuhn/

    Managing Partner, Chief Operations Officer, LMHC

    I focus on you, your free will, self-determination, and the search for meaning.

  • Peter Douglas


    /pee-tuh dug-luhs/

    Founder, Chief Executive Officer, LCSW

    All of us retain the capacity to change in fundamental ways. I am here to support, clarify, and help execute that potential.

Carnegie Hill Psychiatry

We, at Carnegie Hill Psychiatry, are proud to partner with Humantold Psychotherapy to deliver the best, holistic treatment for our patients.
We understand that medication is not for everyone, nor is it necessary for all circumstances. We tailor our treatment to address your specific needs and concerns with this in mind, working with you and your provider to ensure you get the best possible outcomes.
We are Carnegie Hill Psychiatry and we are here to help.

Lauri-Liskin -Headshot

Lauri Liskin

Owner of Carnegie Hill Psychiatry, MD



136 Madison Ave.
New York, NY

Phone: (212) 828-7473

Upper East Side

1199 Park Ave.
New York, NY

Phone: (212) 828-7473


300 Cadman Plaza West One Pierrepont Plaza
Brooklyn, NY

Phone: (212) 828-7473


411 Theodore Fremd Avenue Suite 206
South, Rye, NY

Phone: (212) 828-7473


31-00 47th Avenue The Falchi Building Suite 345
Long Island City, NY

Phone: (212) 828-7473


276 5th Ave,
New York, NY
5th floor.

Phone: (212) 828-7473


175 Pearl St.
Brooklyn, NY

Phone: (212) 828-7473

Columbus Circle

57 West 57th Street.
New York, NY

Phone: (212) 828-7473

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The well-being of our teams is of the utmost importance to us. We offer a benefits package that is well-rounded, competitive, and inclusive. Additionally, we offer employees the counsel of caring supervisors and peers because we believe that this is how we can succeed and grow as sensitive, reflective practitioners and humans. We want our staff to feel supported, no matter what phase of life they join us.

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Humantold Management, Humantold Psychotherapy, and Carnegie Hill Psychiatry are dedicated to protecting your private health information and strictly adhering to professional ethical, federal, and state guidelines that protect patient privacy.

Humantold management (the "Center") is a New York State Limited Liability Company (LLC) that provides administration and management services for mental healthcare and associated services. The Center does not itself provide any healthcare services. All healthcare services described on this website are provided either by Humantold Psychotherapy PC, a New York Professional Corporation licensed to practice the profession of psychotherapy, or or Carnegie Hill Psychiatry PC, a New York Professional Corporation licensed to practice the profession of psychiatry. Both PC’s are managed by the Center, but are otherwise not formally affiliated.

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