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New York State Employees

New Yorkers are a tough bunch.

Working in service for them?

Even tougher.

We know that not everyone understands or appreciates how difficult a job it is to keep New York running smoothly. We see you. And we are grateful.

At Humantold, we understand that we all need a safe space to just breathe, unload our burdens, celebrate the wins, and learn how to care for ourselves in a way that is both realistic and sustainable. The work New York State employees do is vital, demanding, and often thankless. All of that can wear on a person. We want to partner with you to build a life of peace and longevity in all you do, both at work and in your daily life. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, problematic levels of stress, burnout, or encountering a life change, our teams are here to help and work with you to provide the best possible mental health care and treatment.

You work hard for New York. Let us help you develop your best New York State of mind.

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