Who We Meet

Humantold recognizes that each human being is unique and so are the concerns that bring them to therapy. We tailor our solutions to what you’re looking for as an individual, couple, family, or group. We also offer Teletherapy to those who can’t make it into our offices, for whatever reason.

  • Individual Therapy

    Individual therapy offers the space and opportunity to usher in greater self-awareness, and understanding about your thinking, behavior, and drives; why it is you do what you do and where that all began. Working 1:1 with a supportive therapist can help to bring about longed for change, equip you with tools for navigating life, impart greater clarity and personal insight, and provide the space and freedom from judgment to practice at being in a relationship with healthy boundary modeling.

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  • Couples Therapy

    Our romantic partnerships can be the most challenging and rewarding relationships in our lives, affecting our overall health and well being. We can help you and your partner learn new tools and skills to stay connected. We will work with you to gain awareness of the patterns of interaction, both present and historical, in your relationship that stop you and your partner from having the connection you want. We can help you address whatever issues that may arise, no matter what stage of your relationship you’re in.

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  • Child Therapy

    We are committed to children thriving, not just surviving. What we know is that sometimes children need support. Children’s lack of life experience and coping skills, often coupled with greater systemic concerns can make these periods extremely difficult to navigate. We work creatively through talk and play therapies with you and your child to help understand and address how to help your child and family navigate these difficult seasons.

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  • Family Therapy

    Every family has their strengths and struggles. With strategic guidance, families can reconnect, fortify their bonds, and address interpersonal issues, through working, collaboratively, together.

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  • Group Workshops

    Being a human is hard work, and no one is meant to do it alone. We offer Group Workshops for individuals looking to share their personal struggles and experiences with like-minded people in a supportive environment that is guided by a professional therapist.  These workshops cultivate connection, empathy, and emotional support through group learning around a specific topic. Together, attendees learn new skills that help them navigate the human condition.

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  • Teletherapy

    We offer teletherapy services to individuals who are not able to meet us in our offices. In these sessions, we offer the same high levels of patient-confidentiality and creative personable engagement that we do in-person. We use technology to ensure that their experience is impactful, and convenient. Teletherapy is an excellent option for those seeking emotional support but need more flexibility around when and where they receive it.

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  • Mental Health Assessment

    Our Mental Health Assessment team works closely with both children and adults who would like to be assessed for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, or an intellectual disability. Our psychologists select and administer tests, and other assessment tools that specifically target each of these areas. The results of this testing can help individuals gain a deeper understanding into their current difficulties, as well as provide diagnostic clarification and enhance treatment recommendations.

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What Brings You

Our goal is to provide you with a compass to help you navigate the human condition. We utilize a wide-array of therapy methods to help you chart the best course to address what brings you - whatever that may be.


Anxiety is an inescapable part of being human. We all worry sometimes; however, anxiety does not have to be a totally negative experience. Anxiety can also serve as a place of learning what we value, believe about ourselves, and our environment. Oftentimes, anxiety becomes problematic when our attempts to avoid or control it consumes our everyday living. Our work hones in on those places of growth and learning, helping you navigate the challenges we all face.


Specific areas include: OCD, specific phobias, social anxiety, panic attacks

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Life can throw a lot of things at us at once, so it’s natural to feel hopeless and lost sometimes. If you find that these periods are lasting longer than you’d like, or are growing more intense, perhaps it’s time to talk. Our work explores the genetic, the historical, the cultural, and the personal in an attempt to understand the roots and expression of the depression you are experiencing, and the meaning you make of it within the context of our greater human narrative.


Specific areas include: Seasonal Affective Disorder

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Trauma changes us. It changes our brain, our bodies, our landscapes. We naturally respond with a range of reactions – which can interfere with functioning, impair relationships, and erode overall quality of life. Continued emotional pain from trauma can be isolating, often operating in the shadows. This does not have to be the only story. Healing is possible.

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We will all know loss at some point in our lives; grief happens. Whether it’s the classic type associated with loss, or a more complicated version, we will all experience the altered landscape of grief. Those experiencing grief can feel a range of emotions like guilt, anger, confusion, regret, and sometimes relief. Connecting with those feelings is a reminder that the losses we’ve endured are profound. Our therapists can help unpack all of the complicated feelings associated with grief, to both honor the loss and navigate a new horizon.

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As Human beings, we are adaptive, creative creatures. Often what is understood as addiction, begins as a creative attempt at problem solving; our minds and behavior working to allay whatever it is that ails us. Sometimes, our creative solutions will overreach their intended purposes, causing issues to arise in careers, families, and negatively impacting health and self-concepts. This is the point where our work often begins. We offer professional support to help address both the presenting issue, and the underlying causes contributing to any concerning behaviors you may be struggling with.


Specific areas include: alcohol use, gambling, Internet addiction, sexual addiction, substance use, video game addiction

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Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can be very damaging, both physically and emotionally, rising from a range of emotional stressors. If you or a loved one are dealing with issues related to disordered eating, we understand how difficult and painful it can be to address. One of the best things you can do is work with a professional therapist to help restore a healthy emotional state and relationship to food. 


Specific areas include: Rumination, Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating, Obesity

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Developmental Challenges

Developmental disorders are conditions that result either from a physical or mental impairment. They are long-term,often appearing in childhood, and range from mild to severe. Working with a professional therapist can help the individual to manage stressors related to their disorder, and learn to cope and function in a healthy way. 


Specific areas include: ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, Intellectual Disability, Learning disability, Oppositional Defiance

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Other Concerns

Our goal is to provide compassionate, professional emotional care to as many people as possible; no one is exempt from the human condition. We treat a range of other concerns not listed here on this page. If you would like more information, please call or email our offices today. 


Specific areas include: Bipolar disorders, personality disorders, fertility/postpartum, stress related concerns

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Diverse Offerings & Tailored Treatments

Humantold believes in creating the best possible experience for each client. We draw from a wide array of methods to develop unique solutions tailored to your specific needs and history. We are honored to offer our services to individuals, couples, families, and groups across the human spectrum.

Humantold is committed to the health and well-being of all people.

In our efforts to remain ever vigilant regarding the care and consideration of our clients, staff, family, and friends, we have implemented the following changes for those clients and clinicians wishing to return to in-person services. Every person wishing to enter the therapy offices must be fully vaccinated, and agree to mask usage, where appropriate. The offices and waiting areas are set up to afford the space for proper distancing, according to the standards set by the World Health Organization; physical contact (handshakes, hugs, etc.) is not permitted. Each office has alcohol-based hand sanitizer readily available. Additionally, all common areas are emptied of trash regularly, and disinfected at the end of each day.While things may seem a little different right now, we are happy you are here. Welcome back.

Evidence Based Methods

  • Cognitive Based Therapy

    A  short-term, goal-oriented form of therapy that aims to change patterns of thinking and behavioral responses by respectfully and empathetically examining the underlying beliefs and rules that we individually operate from. 


    Specific practices include: ACT, REBT, MBCT, MI , Positive Psychology, DBT, Coaching, Narrative, Exposure therapy, SFBT

  • Person centered

    A humanistic approach that centers around how an individual consciously understands themselves—rather than how the therapist interprets the individual’s thoughts, actions, or ideas. 


    Specific practices include: Existential, Gestalt, Humanism

  • Psychodynamic Therapy

    Our behaviors and narratives are the result of our past experiences—both positive and negative. Psychodynamic therapy explores how the past has shaped our present in an effort to create a more empowered future. 


    Specific practices include: Feminism, Relational, Attachment based

  • EMDR

    EMDR is an empirically based treatment that harnesses the brain’s own ability to heal in the service of the client. Processing stuck memories in the present with the support of a trained clinician, clients are able to lessen the heat of certain events, while increasing the strength of the positive ones.

  • Other Psychotherapies

    We offer a wide range of different forms of therapy to provide support for as many people as possible.


    Specific practices include: Health & Wellness, School Intervention, Prevention Services, End of life care, Life Coaching, Art Therapy / Music Therapy, Culturally sensitive



    Members of the LGBTQIA+ community have a different experience than cis and straight people. Discriminations and stigmas can cause significant emotional stress for individuals within this population. Our therapists can help you heal from trauma and cope with the added pressures that come from being an open, proud member of the community.


    We believe violence or any other form of oppression does not represent the solution to human problems, but only contributes to their creation. Long term solutions to human misery should be addressed through nonviolent action and mutual aid. Racism has an incredibly destructive impact on the lives and mental health of individuals and communities of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color). Our therapists are trained to address the issues caused by racism and other forms of oppression to help our clients reclaim their power and sense of self.

  • Chronic Illness

    A chronic illness diagnosis, whether it be you or a loved one, can cause overwhelming feelings of anxiety, anger, and confusion. It can be difficult to process these emotions on your own. We have trained therapists who provide emotional support to patients with a chronic illness and their families.

  • Veterans

    Military veterans are often exposed to traumatic environments that cause significant emotional stress. This can lead to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and multiple other mental health issues. You are not alone in dealing with these problems. Our therapists are trained and well-versed in the issues affecting veterans and their families.


    Receiving a diagnosis or simply living your daily life with HIV or AIDS can significantly impact your emotional health. Guilt, hopelessness, fatigue, worry, and anger often go hand in hand with these diseases. Facing these emotional challenges with a compassionate professional can improve your daily life and your ability to cope with these stressors.

  • And many more

    Our goal is to offer emotional support to as many groups and individuals as we can. We serve many more communities than the ones listed here. Please reach out to us today to see how our services can help you.

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