We are Humantold Management. We exist to help people find the right clinician, and the right care for their mental health and wellness journey.

We are here to provide resources and referrals to help you on your unique journey of personal growth. Every day, we see how human connection and increased self-knowledge can change lives for the better. The clinicians and practices we support are here to help you address whatever you feel is inhibiting you from living life as your fullest self.

From Our Clients


My partner and I used Jasmine Sundri as our couples therapist between February - May 2019. I really cannot stress how much she has helped us grow as individuals and in our marriage during those months. Jasmine gave us concrete, cognitive based therapeutic solutions and exercises to work through some significant long-term issues we had been unable to resolve over our six year relationship. She mainly helped us start listening to each other again and our relationship is immensely better for it. I'd recommend her wholeheartedly to others in similar situations, thanks a lot Jasmine!


My family was lucky to find Christina Jeffrey, she was an integral part of our healing. We had many facets to the issues we were dealing with and she managed to separate and work on each one. She was reassuring, understanding, and most of all insightful. She made us feel comfortable enough to open up, especially for those of us that hadn't experienced therapy in the past and for those of us who had and were avoiding it. I could write a book describing all the ways she helped us, but in short we would never have gotten past our issues without her. I highly recommend her - she is truly a caring person and very knowledgeable in her field.


I had the pleasure of working with Aaron. He's professional, patient, understanding, and helpful. He has quite a meditative, nonjudgmental approach to therapy - in the sense that not only is he nonjudgmental as a therapist, but he encourages you not to be judgmental with your own thoughts as you approach your challenges. Having him listen, and hearing his thoughts about my concerns have been instrumental in ensuring I'm living my best life. You're the man, Aaron.


I have worked with Benjamin for around a year or more. And it's always great to go see him. I always have great therapy sessions and they have been helping me through life always.


It is difficult to put into words how grateful I am for Rachel Landman. She has helped me change my life for the better and continues to help me learn the tools I need to grow into the person I'd like to be. I can't recommend Rachel enough to anyone who is seeking a therapist who is kind, insightful, genuine, authentic, extremely intelligent, and truly just outstanding at their job. It shows that Rachel cares deeply for the betterment of her clients and goes above and beyond what I ever wanted in a therapist. My only regret is I didn't start going to her sooner.


I worked with Diana and from being her client I can certainly say she seems to genuinely care. She has helped me with issues and concerns I've been struggling with for some time and is always flexible and understanding. This was a big factor for me as rigidity in a clinician is something I don't tend to do well with. I've been in therapy before but I feel I've made much more progress here.


I've bounced around from different therapists for years and am very pleased with my experience at Douglas Psychotherapy. Michelle Hong is amazing and so helpful and light! I look forward to our sessions every week and feel confident that she can help guide me through the toughest times.


I've been working with one of your wonderful therapists, Jordan Rands, for a couple months now. He has been a kind, thorough, and thoughtful presence as I start my therapy process - could not have asked for better.


I am delighted to recommend Paige. I have had an exceptionally difficult time through a variety of security-related anxieties that these troubling times have brought. And she helped me become much more confident, independent and willing to ensure that I can become more resilient. I have no doubts she will have an amazing career and help so many people improve on what is one of the most important issues of today's times.

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Upcoming Workshops

Self-Compassion 101

Monday Time: 12:30 pm Megan Wessler

“Self-compassion is a practice in which we learn to be a good friend to ourselves when we need it most - to become an inner alley rather than an inner enemy.” - Krista Neff, PhD

What is self-compassion and how can we learn to cultivate this powerful practice? In this four week introductory workshop, we’ll learn the basics of self-compassion and begin to explore how to develop a self-compassion practice. We welcome anyone curious to learn more!

Oct 9


The Basics of Self-Compassion

Oct 16


Assessing Your Self-Compassion

Oct 23


Cultivating a Self-Compassion Practice I

Oct 30


Cultivating a Self-Compassion Practice II

Building Identity in America as a South Asian Immigrant

Wednesday Time: 5:00 pm Mihika Poore Nirja Mistry

This group is aimed towards South Asians who have recently moved to the USA, with a focus on exploring and establishing self-identity and related subtopics. We aim to empower clients in their journey toward self-discovery, connection, and well-being.

Oct 11


Introduction + Navigating Cultural Differences

Oct 18


Balancing Complex Relationship Dynamics at Home - Feelings of Isolation and Homesickness

Oct 25


Building Connections Building Identity in America as a South Asian Immigrant: Within the Community

Nov 1


Career (and Economic Status)

Nov 8


Impact/Experience of Microaggression or Racism

Nov 15


Gender and Sexual Orientation

Nov 22


Self-esteem and Worth

Nov 29


Closing + Improving Mental Wellbeing

Living With a Mental Health Diagnosis

Friday Time: 12:00 pm Adam Hallers

This group will explore what it means to have a mental health diagnosis and discuss tips and strategies on how to manage discussing your diagnosis with friends, family, partners, and employers

Oct 6


What does it mean to have a mental health diagnosis

Oct 13


It’s Ok to Have a Diagnosis

Oct 20


Discussing Your Diagnosis with Others

Oct 27


You’re Rights in the Workplace

Nov 3


The Day to Day

The Practice of Gratitude

Tuesday Time: 1:00 pm Juli Walchuk

Gratitude has become a bit of a buzzword, but the research backs up the hype and shows us that practicing gratitude can have a big effect on our mental health and well-being. This group will introduce you to numerous exercises and techniques to either begin your gratitude journey or add some new strategies to your toolkit to keep your gratitude practice novel and engaging.

Oct 24


The Benefits of Gratitude

Oct 31


Mindfulness & Awareness

Nov 7


Writing as a Tool for Gratitude

Nov 14


Happiness & Optimism

September series- ADHD

Thursday Time: 1:00 pm Stephanie Tiell

Are you feeling distracted, hard to focus and concentrate or staying organized?  In this series we will discuss all things related to ADHD including diagnosis, symptoms, treatments and different management strategies that can help improve this.



“Barriers to learning in the classroom”- identify what barriers are noted in the classroom and how to overcome these to promote effective learning



“ADHD Series” part 1- Exploring the DSM criteria for diagnosis of ADHD and client symptoms that are present



“ADHD Series” part 2- Exploring treatment options- when to use medications and therapy



“ADHD series” part 3- Exploring executive functioning skills and behavioral modifications

Discussing the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) and Real-Life Manifestations of Psychiatric Disorders

Thursday Time: 10:30 am Mary Mazgaj

Join me in a discussion of different mental health diagnoses. Each week we’ll move through different mental health diagnoses and discuss not just the clinical criteria but also the real-life manifestations of these disorders. I’ll provide an overview of each disorder and discuss various treatment options. After the presentation, I’ll open it up for questions and discussion.



Series 1: Unipolar Depressive Disorders – Dysthymia, Major Depressive Disorder



Series 2: Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)



Series 3: Bipolar Disorder



Series 4: Generalized Anxiety Disorder



Series 5: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder



Series 6: Panic Disorder



Series 7: Adjustment Disorders



Series 8: Somatic Symptom Disorder



Series 9: Eating Disorders – Anorexia Nervosa



Series 10: Eating Disorders – Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder



Series 11: Insomnia Disorders



Series 12: Alcohol Use Disorder



Series 13: Cannabis Use Disorder



Series 14: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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Musings: Thoughts from the Clinical Side

The human mind and experience is worth exploring. In our blog, clinicians share their reflections around a wide array of psychological topics and what it is to be human.


Our Story

To understand how we got here, it’s important to know where we came from. Humantold Management is what happens when three people with very different, unique skillsets join together to collaborate and build for the greater good.

In 2005 Peter Douglas founded Douglas Psychotherapy Services; in 2018 both Rachel Landman and Christina Jeffrey came onboard. Over the next few years, under the care and administration of Rachel, Christina, and Peter, DPS continued to grow. Then came 2020. The world as we all knew it stopped, allowing us to reflect, grieve, germinate, and to a degree, recuperate. It was during this time that Peter proposed a name change. He believed we had grown beyond one person’s name; that our practice was no longer just DPS, but something more. So together, with excellent marketing and branding folks, we set out to establish and bring to the world, Humantold Psychotherapy. Since then, we’ve just kept going, continuing to look for ways to expand and grow, and meet the needs of our community here in New York City, and the world at large.

In 2022, we expanded yet again to become Humantold Management. Under this umbrella, we can provide even more options for high quality mental health and wellness care. That is why we are here: to bring some good to the world, to shine some light in the dark, to sprinkle some joy and sometimes cause a ruckus to the status quo.

We are Humantold Management, and on behalf of Rachel, Peter, Christina, and the entire Humantold Management team, we are glad you’re here.

  • Christina Jeffrey

    Managing Partner, Chief Reputation Officer, LMHC


    I believe everyone can have a resurrection story; it is an honor to be a part of yours.

  • Peter Douglas

    Founder, Chief Executive Officer, LCSW


    All of us retain the capacity to change in fundamental ways. I am here to support, clarify, and help execute that potential.

  • Rachel Landman

    Managing Partner, Chief Operations Officer, LMHC


    I focus on you, your free will, self-determination, and the search for meaning.

Carnegie Hill Psychiatry

We, at Carnegie Hill Psychiatry, are proud to partner with Humantold Psychotherapy to deliver the best, holistic treatment for our patients.
We understand that medication is not for everyone, nor is it necessary for all circumstances. We tailor our treatment to address your specific needs and concerns with this in mind, working with you and your provider to ensure you get the best possible outcomes.
We are Carnegie Hill Psychiatry and we are here to help.

Picture of Lauri Liskin, MD, Owner of Carnegie Hill Psychiatry

Lauri Liskin

Owner of Carnegie Hill Psychiatry, MD

Teletherapy Offerings

We offer teletherapy services to individuals, couples, and families who are not able to meet in our offices or are practicing social distancing due to COVID-19. In teletherapy sessions, clients are offered the same high levels of patient-confidentiality and creative personable engagement that our clinician do in-person. We use technology to ensure that their experience is impactful and convenient.