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Therapy for NYC

The world’s greatest city comes with a world of challenges. Our New York therapists are here to support you.

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Rush Hour - NYC
Late nights - NYC

No place like New York

Everyone agrees, there’s no place like this city. Where else could you work 10 to 12 hour days including Sundays? Pay $2500 per month for breathtaking views of brick walls? Experience rush-hour almost every hour? Hear the soothing sounds of sirens put you to bed at night? And have garbage trucks give you 5am wakeup calls? That’s right, only in New York!

Gives a lot. Takes a lot.

Of course, there’s so many amazing things about living and working here. It’s truly the greatest city in the world. But while New York gives a lot, it also takes a lot too. Many aspects of city life can pose daily challenges to your mental health and mental well-being. That’s why Humantold is here to help. If anyone ever needed therapy, it’s New Yorkers!


We're here for you

No matter what kind of New Yorker you are, our qualified therapists can give you insights, guidance, and coping skills to counter the craziness that is NYC. Helping you to feel calmer. Less anxious. More grounded. Increasing your ability to handle distress and take-on city life in more positive ways. What’s more, you’ll find we can relate well to your issues. We’re New Yorkers, we live here too!

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