Homework for the Journey

From time to time, we all need to externalize and write out what it is we are going through, longing for, or have already overcome. Feel free to browse through our collection of resources

    • What is Addiction?

      This resource provides information about addiction.

    • Worksheets

      Urge Surfing Guided Meditation

      Urge surfing is a technique for managing your unwanted behaviors. While practicing, you will ride out an urge, like a surfer riding a wave. 

    • Traits Worksheet

      Oftentimes, we don’t understand how pervasive our parents’ traits are in our own life. The more we understand our parents’ traits, the better we’ll be able to design our own traits that aren’t a reaction to our parents. 

    • The Four Skills of Intimate Conversation

      There are a set of skills to having conversations that are both intimate and meaningful. The skills listed will help you express how you’re feeling. They can also guide you in helping your partner express how they’re feeling.

    • Substance Use Motivator

      Are you motivated to end your substance use? If so, rank your motivation on the ruler from 1 to 10. 

    • IFS: Feelings Toward a Target Part

      This exercise is related to Step 4 of the 6 F’s in IFS. If you haven’t done so already, please complete this after working on the first three exercises.

    • Exploring Reparenting (Quick Exercises)

      This resource aims to help heal your inner child as an adult and try to meet their needs.

    • Worksheets

      Imago Dialogue Summary

      The Imago Dialogue provides couples with the skills they need for great communication. 

    • Imago Dialogue: The Receiver

      The Imago Dialogue provides couples with the skills they need for great communication.

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