Homework for the Journey

From time to time, we all need to externalize and write out what it is we are going through, longing for, or have already overcome. Feel free to browse through our collection of resources brought to you by the best minds here, and out in the world.

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      Mindfulness: Triphasic Breathing

      This grounding activity practices creating the most space for your diaphragm to take a deep breath.

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      Mindfulness: Om Breathing

      This grounding activity uses an action within meditation to cultivate a calm mind.

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      Relax and Soothe Yourself

      This worksheet can be used as a guide to create a plan for relaxation. It provides ideas and suggestions to appeal to all five senses.

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      States of Mind

      This DBT worksheet assists with bringing awareness and teaching the three different "states of mind" that contribute to our behaviors.

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      Radical Acceptance

      This worksheet helps explore how one can accept reality and identify things within their control.

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      Self Validation

      This worksheet can be helpful for those who struggle with self-validation. It provides strategies that can assist with practicing self validating statements.

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      Boundaries Evaluation

      This worksheet is designed to help you assess and assert your boundaries.

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      I am the kind of person who...

      This activity explore one's self esteem, self worth, aspects of identity and values.

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      Behavioral Activation Worksheet

      This activity is used to help you schedule and engage in pleasurable activities when experiencing a depressive episode. Additionally, it can also be used as a preventative tool.

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