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At Humantold, we understand how difficult it can be embarking upon a new endeavor. Our process is designed to help you find a clinician who is the right fit for your personality and treatment needs. If the provider you are working with is not working for you, for whatever the reason, our support staff will assist you in matching with a provider better suited to you.

Listed below are the clinicians and staff of Humantold Psychotherapy, Carnegie Hill Psychiatry, and Humantold Management.


  • Himaja Boinapalli

    Mental Health Counseling Intern


    "For people who have lived through distress and trauma and still have kindness, a sense of humour, compassion, dreams, and a seed of hope that their lives can be better is pretty amazing" - Homecoming

  • therapist Isha Kumar - Mental Health Counselor
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    Isha Kumar

    Mental Health Counselor

    I believe that you can be the version of yourself that makes a younger you proud. I am honored to support you in your journey towards self-actualization and growth.

  • therapist Jasmine Sundri - Clinical Supervisor, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
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    Jasmine Sundri

    Clinical Supervisor, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

    As Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge," I believe therapy can be a unique and creative space to help support clients on their journey.

  • Nikita Chowhan

    Mental Health Counselor

    मानसिक स्वास्थ्य एक यात्रा है और मैं इस यात्रा को आपके साथ समर्थन, विश्वास, सहानुभूति और करुणा के साथ पूर्ण करना चाहती हूँ।

  • Sana Idnani

    Mental Health Counselor

    “Shame dies when stories are told in safe places.” - Ann Voskamp

    You deserve to be seen, heard, and understood.  I would be honored to take this healing journey with you.

Psychiatry & Assessment

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Support Staff

  • Alexandria S

    Intake Assistant

    Alexandria S

    Alexandria has over 6 years of customer service experience and is looking to expand her knowledge on Mental Health in order to better assist others. When Alexandria isn't working she enjoys going on hikes with her dog Aubrey, traveling, long drives and reading.

  • Allie M

    Client Service Specialist (She/Her)

    Allie M

    Allie has 8 years and counting in customer service, She is always looking to grow and improve. Allie loves being able to help and uplift others around her while spreading kindness. In her free time she likes to take her dogs to the beach with her husband along with hiking, baking and traveling.

  • Andrea R

    Billing Director (She/Her)

    Andrea R

    Andrea has worked in the medical field for over 30 years. When not working, she enjoys being with her husband and 3 boys, painting, and traveling.

  • Anna V

    Human Resources & Payroll Specialist (She/Her)

    Anna V

    Anna has produced a career in customer service management and insurance for 15+ years. She currently specializes in Cigna, Aetna and smaller insurance policies. Her primary goal is to help clients solve any issues, as well as making sure the billing process runs smoothly.

  • Audrey C

    Administrative Specialist

    Audrey C

    Audrey Calogero is an experienced financial accountant with more than 20 years of experience in the corporate setting.  She has extensive experience in mutual funds, hedge funds, financial analysis and reporting.

  • Brandy B

    Client Service Specialist (She/Her)

    Brandy B

    Brandy has 5 years of experience in administration and 11 years’
    experience in the medical field. This experience has gave Brandy the
    tools to provide excellent customer service. Brandy has 4 children who
    are involved in many sports. Brandy enjoys being with her family and
    attending all her children’s activities. Her hobbies are photography,
    crafting, and golf. Brand enjoys spending quality time with her husband
    and traveling when possible.

  • Cari Q

    Assistant Billing Director (She/Her)

    Cari Q

    Cari has over 15 years Medical Billing experience, when she isn't verifying insurance and billing for all variations of insurance companies she can be found on the water and soaking up the sun with her daughter and two puppies.

  • Charissa S

    Senior Billing Specialist

    Charissa S

    She is a very experienced medical biller and has worked with many different types of medical providers. She is currently our Beacon and GHI biller.

  • Danielle W

    Client Service Specialist Team Lead (She/Her)

    Danielle W

    With over 15 years of administrative and customer service experience, Danielle is a seasoned professional who thrives in dynamic environments. With her outgoing nature and love for making others laugh, she makes interactions enjoyable. Outside of work, Danielle finds joy in creating lasting memories with my family and exploring new places through travel.

  • Darlene C

    Insurance Biller (She/Her)

    Darlene C

    Darlene has over 30 years of administrative and customer service experience, with more than 17 years in the insurance industry and eight years as an agency owner. She  truly enjoys helping people.  Her and her husband love to golf, camp, dance, and spend time with family and friends.

  • Devina S

    Administrative Specialist (She/Her)

    Devina S

    Devina has 11 plus years of experience of the revenue cycle from beginning to end. She manages and follows up on all BlueCross BlueShield policies. Her and her husband have four children and four dogs. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and eating good food.

  • Diana M

    Insurance Biller (She/Her)

    Diana M

    Diana has 35+ years experience in the fields of Administrative Support and Customer Service. She makes each customer a priority and my main goal is that each customer experience is an enjoyable one.
    In her free time, she loves to bake and re-fab furniture. Her and her husband love to fish, camp, attend concerts and visit our kids and grandkids.
  • Emily M

    Assistant Billing Director (she/her/they)

    Emily M

    Emily has worked in the administrative side of the medical field for 20 years.  Growing up in a medical family she was destined to work in the field but with a mind for numbers, she was more interested in the administrative side.  While Emily has held many different roles over the years (Practice Manager, Accounts Receivable Specialist, Payroll Specialist, and owning a medical billing company), she is happiest assisting our Billing Director and Humantold family of employees.

  • Jaime C

    Intake Team Lead (She/Her)

    Jaime C

    Jaime possesses over 10 years medical knowledge and experience working for major corporations and nonprofit organizations. It brings her great joy to assist clients, healthcare is her absolute passion.  She is EKG certified and fluent in American Sign Language.

  • Joan T

    Medical Biller (She/Her)

    Joan T

    Joan has over 15 years in revenue cycle management. She loves to be challenged which creates her the opportunity to grow in her knowledge and skills. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, renovations, road trips and spending time with her family.

  • Kailyn L

    Insurance Biller (She/Her)

    Kailyn L

    Kailyn exercises organization, team work, and a positive attitude in the work environment. She has exceptional experience working with all ages of individuals due to her previous involvement in the education system and loves helping out where she is able. Kailyn's main goal is to make everyone's day a little bit brighter.

  • Katie Y

    Insurance BIller (She/Her)

    Katie Y

    Katie graduated Magna Cum Laude for the University of Florida and has three years of medical billing experience. She is well versed in the Mental Health Industry.  When she is not working she enjoys playing the ukulele and enjoying her family and dog.

  • Kaylee F

    Intake Assistant

    Kaylee F

    Kaylee has a passion for helping people. With her years of experience in customer service assisting clients it brings her great joy putting a smile on someone’s face. She has a background in the automotive industry, teaching, and the medical field. Kaylee is also CPR certified.

  • Kimber L

    Insurance Biller (She/Her)

    Kimber L

    Kimber has been in the medical field for over 15 years offering customer service to clients, patients, and therapists alike.  Making sure everyone is taken care of is her number one goal.  When she is not helping clients, she and her husband are busy running their 2 kids around to school, activities, or they at home playing board games and having movie nights!

  • Kimberly Z

    Client Service Specialist/HR Assistant (She/Her)

    Kimberly Z

    Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave other feelings after having an experience with you is your trademark.Customer service professional with extensive experience in Banking and Professional service industries over the last 15+ years. Articulate, energetic and result-oriented with exemplary passion for developing relationships and cultivating partnerships and growing business.

  • Kristina U

    Client Service Director (She/Her)

    Kristina U

    With over 18 years of client service experience, Kristina has a passion for assisting others by making sure they feel heard as well as valued.  Kristina overseas a growing team of client service representatives who devote their time maintaining strong relationships with Humantold’s clients.  The team works closely with the billing department, intake team as well as Humantold’s trusted therapists to insure that our clients are provided with the service they deserve.  When Kristina isn’t working she enjoys relaxing by the water and spending time with her husband and four children.

  • Laila N

    Appointment Setting Specialist

    Laila N

    Laila has over 15 years of management,  administrative and customer service experience. Working with various community based organizations, and nonprofits. She is dedicated to doing work that helps connect people to the proper resources and assist them on their journeys of healing and self-sufficiency however she can. When Laila isn't working she enjoys spending time with her family, running and crafting.

  • Lanell J

    Administrative Specialist (She/Her)

    Lanell J

    Lanell has 20+ years of experience in customer service and administrative support. She truly enjoys solving problems and tries to treat others the way she would like to be treated. She loves spending time with her family, cooking, gardening, watching movies, hiking and exploring.

  • Mary M

    Insurance Biller

    Mary M

    Mary comes from an experienced medical background. She received her Associates of Science Degree in nursing in 1988. From there, she managed several medical clinics. She also owned several personal businesses and has several years of billing experience. She is married and has 3 children, 9 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. In her spare time, she likes to relax!
  • McKayla H

    Client Success/Retention Specialist (She/Her)

    McKayla H

    McKayla has 4 years of experience in the medical field. She is very compassionate about helping others and makes each customer feel valued. She enjoys spending time with her daughter and partner.

  • Melissa M

    Administrative Specialist Team Lead

    Melissa M

    Melissa has worked worked in accounts payable and accounts receivable for 14 plus years.  She enjoys the opportunity that she has with Humantold to continue to build her experience.
    While not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. She also likes to read, sew, cook and travel.
  • Melissa M

    Intake Director (She/Her)

    Melissa M

    Melissa has a long history in customer service and the wellness industry. She is passionate about getting clients matched with the perfect therapist for their specific needs. When not working, she loves yoga, art and adventures with her dog, Sampson.


  • Nancy P

    Intake Assistant Director (She/Her)

    Nancy P

    Nancy’s experience in client relations, administrative support and community health has given her the tools to provide attentive support for potential clients of DPS. She is interested in traditional and modern health and feels most at home cooking and singing.

  • Rachel P

    Client Service Specialist (She/Her)

    Rachel P

    Bringing a decade of dedicated customer service expertise, Rachel holds degrees in Office Administration and Medical Office Administration with a Medical Front Office Specialty. Passionate about providing top-notch service, she seamlessly blends academic knowledge with practical experience to ensure efficient and client-focused solutions. She merges professionalism with a passion for personalized care. Beyond work, her heart lies in spending quality time with family and pets.

  • Ruby R

    Intake Systems Specialist (She/Her)

    Ruby R

    Ruby has been in the customer care field for over 8 years, exploring different industries. She most  appreciates the connection she builds with anyone she meets. When not working, Ruby enjoys yoga,  hiking, snowboarding, knitting, and playing with her dog Mable.

  • Shanita B

    Intake Assistant (She/Her)

    Shanita B

    Shanita is very experienced in the medical field and has worked in various positions. She truly loves helping people. When she is not working she loves animals and spending time with her Family and Friends.

  • Stephanie C

    Client Service Specialist (She/Her)

    Stephanie C

    Stephanie has 10 plus years of customer service care and over 8 years of healthcare experience. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her husband and their 2 boys. They enjoy camping, going on vacations and family game nights!

  • Teresa M.M

    Administrative Specialist (She/Her)

    Teresa M.M

    Teresa has more than 20 years of administrative and customer services experience working in financial institutions and educational Services. She strives to deliver exceptional customer service with a positive attitude and loves learning new things.

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