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We all have our experience of America. For members of the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities that experience is often one that differs vastly from that of the dominant culture here. As therapists trained in multicultural approaches, and engaging in culturally responsive therapy, therapists at Humantold are cognizant of the lasting impacts of colonization, systemic racism, and intergenerational trauma. Walking alongside BIPOC folks on their therapeutic journey, we aim to empower Black, Indigenous and People of Color in a safe, supportive setting to explore the interplay of history with the present reality, address and process trauma, and celebrate the continuing contributions, resilience, and wins of our BIPOC clients.

Our therapists will partner with you, aiding and guiding you as you unpack and explore your specific experiences, intersectional identity, and emotions with cultural competency, sensitivity, empathy and care.  More than a discussion of diversity, equity, and inclusion, therapy serves as an invaluable tool assisting you in gaining recognition and understanding of your behaviors and thought processes. By navigating the unique stressors and traumas associated with your racial and ethnic identities, with a supportive therapist you can begin the healing journey, gaining extensive depth in self-awareness and, ultimately, self-acceptance. Whether you are unpacking family drama, tackling systemic issues, addressing mood concerns like anxiety, or dealing with the everyday nonsense and stressors of living life here in the city, we are here to help.

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