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What Makes Humantold Unique

Peter Douglas, LCSW-R November 16, 2020

At Humantold, we believe everyone has the right to compassionate mental health care that can help equip, empower, guide, and support you in cultivating the life you want. With so many therapy options available, why choose us?

At Humantold, we believe everyone has the right to compassionate mental health care that can help equip, empower, guide, and support you in cultivating the life you want.

With so many therapy options available, why choose us?

We have conscientiously built Humantold upon the premise that every one of us is deserving of kindness and dignified care. We are dedicated to using our work to help create a better world, and we hope you'll join us in the work of doing so.

We strive to create a safe space for your journey of personal growth and empowerment, and we believe that starts with a solid foundation within the organization.

Huamantold's leadership team (Christina Jeffrey, Rachel Landman, and myself ) have endeavored (and, I think, succeeded) to create an ethical workplace that nurtures every professional. We take every individual's concerns into account with compassion and care while maintaining clear and firm boundaries. In essence: our goal is to model healthy relationship structures in our work environment so that others may witness them and possibly adopt them within their own families and communities.

In a world characterized by increased experiences of dehumanization and depersonalization, we are all struggling to maintain our sanity. At Humantold, we want to be a refuge as both a place of work and healing, enabling us to help you engage with life as your fullest self.

Our experience has taught us that families go awry when, for some reason or another, the value of the individual is thwarted. This could be through generational legacy, current events that strain the family system, and/or societal systemic inequalities that pervade all our interactions. These interactions can wreak havoc in establishing a fundamental sense of safety and value in individuals.

The same values that apply to creating a healthy family apply to creating a healthy organization— the benefits that get passed on to you, the client. Taking compassionate care of our staff assures a healthier relationship between therapist and client, client and self, client and significant other/family, client and community, and, ultimately, client and the Earth. We are all part of an inexorable thread of connection, and as we have seen time and again across our human history, human connection and emotional wellness can change lives for the better.

The writings of Rollo May from 1975 speak beautifully to this moment we are in now. Then, as now, our country was facing massive shifts, socially and politically. His writings characterize the spirit here at Humantold, both for our therapists and our work with our clients. In his book,  The Courage to Create, he writes: "[S]hall we seize the courage necessary to preserve our sensitivity, awareness, and responsibility in the face of radical change? Shall we consciously participate, on however small the scale, in the forming of the new society?" At Humantold, we are doing our part in forming the new society on a small scale.

We believe in diversity and work to incorporate it into all aspects of our company. We believe in engaging with and learning from different voices and perspectives, and work to incorporate this into all aspects of our company. Simply put: in our diversity, we thrive.

We also care about clear, honest communication with each other, and, ultimately, that is what I hope to accomplish with this blogpost. My desire is for you to see Humantold's inner workings, so you can appreciate what we long to pass onto you. Because how we treat ourselves internally influences the milieu we create. We at Humantold want that milieu to be a nurturing and compassionate one.

If you have any questions, please do contact us. We do not want you to need us, but we are here if you do.

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