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Are You Letting Yourself Bloom?

Tori Williams, LMHC May 27, 2022

Just like flowers, we humans need careful tending and support in order to reach our fullest potential. Let’s talk about how.

Growing up, I never fully understood the hype around flowers. I thought they wilted too easily and died too quickly. As I mature, I now see more and more of the congruence between humans and flowers. Just like flowers, we grow in the direction of the sun, absorbing as much light as we can along the way. We bloom in some conditions and are stagnant in others. We change with the seasons but do our very best to stand firm. We need love, care, support, and proper nourishment. Where we differ from flowers is that they’ve long accepted the fact that wilting is a natural part of the entire process, whereas we often perceive that as a personal failure. 

Our capitalistic culture often convinces us that we are only valuable as finished products. At work, in relationships, and in the world, we are rarely afforded the opportunity to simply come as we are. Too often, the process towards full bloom is forgotten as we pursue refinement. Flowers in full bloom are beautiful and rich, and so are we. While blossoming can remain the goal, we can still honor and normalize the beautifully necessary processes in between. 

Tending to your garden 

Planting is the act of sowing or placing in a specified position to promote growth. As you visualize your best self, remember that your best self begins wherever you are planted. Whether it’s a fresh idea, the beginning of a new opportunity, or a new relationship, be intentional about your placement. To fully bloom, you’ll need an environment that fully supports your growth at every stage.

After planting comes rooting, the process of deeply and firmly establishing. In rooting, seeds make their home, and perennials establish their legacy. What are you living for, and what legacy are you building? What will you leave behind for others to come? When we know and establish that, the things we plant and bloom can feel much more meaningful if done for something outside of ourselves. 

Of course, growing reflects the natural changes in our lives. As we develop physically, emotionally, and spiritually, we experience the joys and pains of this life cycle every day. The amazing thing about growth is that it’s always happening. Like flowers, we grow and thrive at our own pace given the proper conditions, offering value to the world around us in both dramatic and subtle ways.

Blooming is about alignment and walking in your purpose with confidence. It’s about recognizing your full worth at every stage, not just its final form. It’s about planting your own garden, watering yourself, allowing yourself to exist just as you are, and offering yourself all the grace and compassion you need to heal and grow. 

Remember, blooming can only happen when we tend to the fullness of our garden. Flowers exist with a purpose or none at all, and they never feel like they aren’t enough. Regardless of what season you’re in, I hope you decide to bloom in all your stages and grow in the places you never thought you could.

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