Reflections From Our Therapists

The depths of the human experience is endless. Here on our blog, our therapists explore and share their ideas around psychotherapy and what it means to be a human.

  • Dreams and Psychology Around Dreams

    Humantold July 7, 2021

    What are dreams and what do they mean? Here’s how you can interpret your dreams and learn more about yourself in the process.

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  • Juneteenth & The Stress of Racism

    Humantold June 18, 2021

    Whether experiencing it first-hand or witnessing it in the media, racism is incredibly damaging to mental and physical health of people of color.

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  • The New Masculinity

    Humantold June 9, 2021

    Over the last several years, ideas about "manliness" have been evolving. Modern masculinity is expansive. It allows for men to be open, experience emotional equality and health, and be in touch with their inner lives while becoming attuned to the world around them.

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  • How to Set Better Boundaries With Your Screens

    Humantold May 6, 2021

    Screens are an unavoidable and necessary aspect of modern life, but spending as much time on them as we do isn't the best thing for our health.  How we spend time on them may both align and misalign us from our values and our power to choose. Let's be screen wise.

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  • Why Being A Teacher Is Stressful

    Humantold May 4, 2021

    We have all been impacted by the pandemic in different ways. Teachers, however, have had a much different experience than the rest of us. Pre-pandemic, teacher shortages were at an all-time high, and stress is the number one reason people are leaving the profession. Here's why.

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  • Why Climate Change Is So Stressful

    Humantold April 19, 2021

    The emotional stress caused by climate change is a bigger deal than you might think. Here's why.

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  • Cyberbullying 101: A Digital Pandemic

    Humantold April 14, 2021

    Cyberbullying is a pervasive new form of bullying that impacts millions of people online each year. Here's everything you need to know about it.

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  • Spring Solstice: Refreshing Our Spirit

    Humantold March 19, 2021

    Out of all of the seasons, Spring truly calls for our celebration. Everything around us vibrates with renewed energy. Here are ways that you can cultivate this into your daily routines and lifestyle.

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  • Gender Equality and Diversity

    Humantold March 15, 2021

    Gender equality does not just mean men and women—but all expressions of gender. Understanding the nuances of gender expression can help us create a more equitable society for everyone.

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  • Transgenerational Trauma: How The Psychological Stress of Enslavement Impacts Black Americans Today

    Humantold February 24, 2021

    A person doesn't have to directly experience a traumatic event to adopt the psychological stress from it. The stress of 300-years enslavement is an essential example of how this kind of trauma can transfer through generations.

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