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I Heard You: An Open Letter On Finding A Therapist

Dee Nicole, Intake Director May 14, 2021

I want to tell you this journey of finding a therapist is personal, entirely about you, and our interest lies solely with helping you find what you seek.

Dear Fellow Human,

I want you to know you were heard when you called to find a therapist today. 

I heard your vulnerability, your fear, your difficulty gathering the words to ask for help, and the courage it took to do it anyways. I heard how daunting the task was after days of research, hours spent on google, and a lifetime hearing the well-intentioned voices of advice-giving friends. I heard your plea for support, healing, and the means to call forward the best version of yourself.

I heard you.

I heard how deeply you wanted to transform your life and how much living your dreams matters. I heard your wish to be free of self-sabotage and cultural programming while calling forward the gifts you hold within. I heard the fatigue you carry from repeating the patterns that are not helping and how ready you are to stand in your skin confidently and freely celebrating what only you can bring to our world. I heard your desire to be healthy- mind and body.

I heard you.

I heard how picking the right person as your therapist, your guide, feels like a make-it or break-it moment. I heard how much you have riding on this choice and how the idea of getting it wrong terrifies you. I heard how many times you let these thoughts stop you from taking the leap with a therapist in the past.

I heard you and I want to tell you, it is ok. 

I am here. Our whole intake team is here. We walk with you, by your side, as you navigate this unknown terrain. You can say anything to us. We will not judge or condemn. We will listen, bear witness, and empower you with options.  

I want to tell you that you cannot get this wrong, especially not with a big group like Humantold. The worst thing that could happen is we learn what is important for you and use that information to get you to another therapist; the second worst thing is we find the perfect fit right away.

I want to tell you it is ok not to choose or continue with a therapist who looks good on paper but does not feel right.  

If you do not like how you feel when you are with someone, they are not the best therapist for you. It could be personality, prejudice (conscious or unconscious), a triggered reminiscence of your past, or something completely inexplicable. No matter the reason, trust yourself and listen to those feelings. Cast away guilt, “supposed-to’s”, and self-blame if a therapist is not a fit. We get it and welcome your call to get set up with a different clinician if needed.

I want to tell you it is possible that we find just the right therapist for this moment and later you outgrow them. If that happens, we are not going to leave you. Call us and we can help facilitate a shift to someone that fits who you are now rather than who you were.

I want to tell you it is OK to talk about the money. In fact, it is important we talk about the money and ensure that aspect works for you before you begin. Therapy is important but you still have to eat. If paying for therapy is too stressful and not getting the benefit you hoped for when you took that first step, ask us for help. Don't simply exchange one stressor for another.

Furthermore, insurance is confusing and sometimes intimidating; we will explain everything as many times as you need, handle the paperwork, and even help you choose a plan come open enrollment. Our intake team is accompanied by an entire crew of finance professionals who want to help make this as easy as possible.

I want to tell you we will be honest with you if we are not the best people to help. We invite you to do the same. We understand and will always leave space for things to change.  

I want to tell you this journey of finding a therapist is personal, entirely about you, and our interest lies solely with helping you find what you seek.

I want to tell you one more time that we are here, eager to be of service, holding space for whenever you may need us.

I want to tell you all of this with the hope that reading it makes your next step on this journey a little easier.  

I want to tell you all of this because I heard you.


Dee Nicole
Humantold Intake Director

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