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Como terapeutas, estamos a para ayudarte en tu proceso de crecimiento personal. Cada día, vemos cómo la conexión humana y el aumento del auto-conocimiento pueden mejorar vidas. Te ayudaremos a detectar hábitos y emociones que inhiben tu libertad personal y previenen que vivas tu vida en plenitud.

Upcoming Workshops

Behavioral Transformation Group Workshop

Thursday Time: 3:00 pm Zaira Zaidi

This group aims to help individuals understand the process of behavior change and what influences it. The group is specific to changing health behaviors and will be using the Transtheoretical Model (TTM) to help guide participants through the different stages of change. With the information regarding different stages, interventions, as well as an understanding of the support from themselves and others, this group is formulated to help participants on their journey of change.

Mar 7


Understanding Change

Mar 14


Need for Change

Mar 21


Ability to Change

Mar 28


The Transformed Behavior

Boundaries 101 Group

Monday Time: 1:00 pm Summer Drum

This group aims to give an overview and introduction to boundary setting before focusing on setting boundaries in three areas of life: With family, with romantic relationships, and with work. The group will include psychoeducation, group discussion, journal exercises, and optional homework assignments to deepen and enhance the learning experience. Sources for session materials include the book Set Boundaries, Find Peace by Nedra Glover Tawwab.

Mar 4



Mar 11


Boundaries with Family

Mar 18


Boundaries in Romantic Relationships

Mar 25


Boundaries with Work

Attachment in a Nutshell

Wednesday Time: 2:00 pm Stacy Siqi Zheng

The aim of this 4-week group is to provide introductory psychoeducation and give an overview for participants in understanding attachment and its impact on relationships and well-being. This group aims to provide a safe place and empower participants to recognize and understand their attachment styles, promote self-awareness, and develop healthier attachment patterns for improved relationships and well-being.

Mar 6


What is Attachment?

Mar 13


Attachment in Childhood

Mar 20


Attachment in Adult Relationships

Mar 27


Making the Unknown Known

Processing Stress and Emotions Surrounding the New Year

Tuesday Time: 2:00 pm Emily Cowling

This group is intended to assist clients in navigating stress, uncomfortable emotions, and troubling thoughts that often surround the changes inherent to the New Year. Throughout this workshop psychoeducation and skills drawn from acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness practices will provide clients with a foundation for increasing openness and resilience to experiencing difficult emotions and establishing autonomy over thoughts and feelings. During these weekly sessions clients will be provided with the opportunity to actively engage in open discussion, exercises that expand upon the sessions’ content, and be provided with worksheets for use both during and between sessions.

Mar 5



Mar 12


Moving Towards Values & Away from Emotional Reactivity

Mar 19


Processing Unhelpful Thoughts

Mar 26


Overcoming Setbacks

Cultural Crossroads: Dialogues & Discovery

Friday Time: 1:00 pm Danah AlGhamdi

This workshop aims to explore the complex interplay of politics, culture, identity, and marginalization, and their impact on individual and collective well-being. Recognizing the challenges in safely discussing these issues, our sessions will focus on culturally sensitive approaches, affirmation, meaning-making, and facilitating difficult conversations. We will use a combination of discussions, activities, and reflective practices to deepen understanding and foster a supportive environment.

Mar 8


Introduction and Establishing a Safe Space

Mar 15


Navigating Intersecting Identities and Politics

Mar 22


The Role of Marginalization in Well-Being

Mar 29


Meaning Making and Moving Forward

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