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Upcoming Workshops

People Pleasing - How to Break the Cycle and Reclaim Your Energy

Thursdays Time: 12:00 pm Paige Monborne Lisa Siclari

This group is for those of us who chronically say “yes” when all we want is to say “no.”  For those who may feel guilty setting boundaries and limits with friends, family and acquaintances, sometimes even strangers.  For those who are often left feeling like there is no time to take care of ourselves, let alone enjoy our lives. 

People pleasing can compromise the way we view ourselves and the way we engage in our relationships.  It can leave us feeling resentful, frustrated, and exhausted.  We may feel an overwhelming need to put others before us for fear of letting others down. 
With the guidance of group facilitators and support of fellow group members, we will explore why and how people pleasing tendencies may form, how they affect us, and practice skills to break free of the habit.  We will explore how the practice of mindfulness can help manage anxieties about relationships and confrontation, and challenge fears that can feed relationship insecurities. Everyone has the tools to be in a healthy relationship and have a healthy view of themselves! 

July 15th


Introduction: People Pleasing - Why we do it, and how we can recenter ourselves in our lives

July 22nd


Boundaries - Why are they important, and what makes them so hard to set?

July 29th


COVID & Social Re-entry - How the pandemic affects our relationships

August 5th


Overthinking - How to stop obsessing over social interactions and relationships

August 12th


Making Peace & Gaining Peace of Mind

Asian Support Group

Wednesday Time: 12:30 pm Shengzi Sun Ray Zhang

We want to create a safe and inclusive space for Asians to share their stories, connect with their communities, and support each other in this challenging time. No matter if you are a new immigrant, or an Asian American being on this land for generations, or an international student, this is your space! Join us if you are looking for support, opportunities to relate to people who share similar experiences, or learning coping skills.



Introduction: This session will focus on getting to know each member of the group and develop a sharing space without fear of judgement.



COVID Concerns: This session will focus on exploring ways the pandemic has impacted our life and mental health. Experiences and coping strategies will be shared to address the lack of social connection, feeling of loneliness, and anxiety.



Asian Hate Crimes: This session will talk about the rise of Anti-Asian racist incidents. The primary goal is to provide a supportive space to process the experiences and gain support.



Asian Hate Crimes: This session will continue to talk about the rise of Anti-Asian racist incidents and the impacts of these incidents. Topics may include the Model Minority Myth, Conflicts with other Cultural Groups, building Asian support systems, etc.



Daily Microaggression and Racism Experiences: This session will focus on the deep-rooted strain of racism against Asians in America. Experiences of both direct and subtle discriminations will be talked about.



Navigating Cultural Differences: The session will focus on exploring what it means to be an Asian in the United States. Topics of cultural differences include previously encountered assumptions and stereotypes, upbringing and family dynamics, and strategies to cope with the situations.



Stigma and Shame about Mental Health in Asian Communities: The session will talk about stigma around mental health issues in Asian communities. The purpose of the session is to provide group members a safe space to share their experiences, collectively brainstorm ways to tackle this issue, and effectively communicate with people in their lives.



Termination: This session will guide members to discuss their group experience and identify further areas of growth.

Women’s Group

Mondays Time: 7:00 pm Nayera Elsayed

A women's counseling community to foster self-understanding, self-acceptance, and development with women who have common interests in a healthy, caring, and confidential atmosphere.



No More Suppressing! Communicating with Care



Alone- Solitude or Isolation?



Let’s Talk about Power in Relationships



Forgiveness and Letting Go

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