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Como terapeutas, estamos a para ayudarte en tu proceso de crecimiento personal. Cada día, vemos cómo la conexión humana y el aumento del auto-conocimiento pueden mejorar vidas. Te ayudaremos a detectar hábitos y emociones que inhiben tu libertad personal y previenen que vivas tu vida en plenitud.

Upcoming Workshops

Chinese Immigrant Support Group

Monday Time: 1:00 pm Charlette Yan

The immigration process for many individuals born in China poses unique complexities and challenges. This workshop aims to support Chinese individuals who are planning to immigrate or are undergoing their immigration process. Whether you're frustrated by inconveniences at work and during travel, find it challenging to navigate between different cultural values, or are uncertain about how to move your life forward, we focus on addressing the specific issues encountered by Chinese immigrants. Our group is here to offer support and empowerment, helping you feel connected, understood, and heard.

June 3


Navigating Cultural Gaps

June 10


Visa and Green Card

June 17


Immigrants at School and Workplace

June 24


Decision to Leave

July 1


Impassed Freedom

July 8


Myth or Truth: “The Grass is Greener”

July 15


Dating and Relationships

July 22


Embrace and Empowerment

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