Why The Pandemic Broke So Many Couples

Tori Williams June 8, 2021

Humantold therapist Tori Williams sat down with Essence Magazine to discuss why some relationships didn’t make it through the pandemic.

We’re excited to share a recent interview with Humantold's Tori Williams and Essence Magazine!

The pandemic proved to be a major stressor for romantic relationships. It opened the aperture on our environments, forcing us to become more aware of the issues in our partnerships. While some relationships held together (or even became stronger), the stress drove many to the breaking point.

Last month, Tori sat down with Essence Magazine to share her perspective on why some couples called it quits in 2020. In her words, the pandemic "showed us who and what mattered", at a time when major changes were already prevalent - making it easier to re-evaluate and become interested in changing the structural components in our lives.

Prioritizing your mental health and self-care is one of the best ways to improve your relationships and build resilience to major stressors (like a global pandemic). In the interview, Tori also discusses tactics for strengthening amid those stressors - starting with prioritizing your mental health. "You and everyone and everything around you will thank you for it" she states.

Read Tori's full interview here.

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